Axtra® PHY GOLD sets a new industry benchmark and gives the ‘gold advantage’

As the most bio-efficacious feed phytase on the market, Axtra PHY GOLD delivers exceptional results on every level. The ‘golden advantage’ on bird performance, gut health, formulation flexibility, and sustainability are noticed when Axtra® PHY GOLD is included in the diet.

Superior animal performance

Phytate needs to be hydrolysed as quickly as possible to reduce its negative impact, but this requires a phytase enzyme that is highly active at the low pH in the animal’s upper digestive tract. The superior pH profile of Axtra® PHY GOLD means it works twice as fast as other competitor phytases. This beneficial mode of action improves the release and subsequent uptake of phosphorous, calcium, energy, and amino acids, while reducing anti-nutrient effects of phytate. This all contributes to the better bird performance.

Gut health

Axtra PHY GOLD contributes to a favourable nutribiotic state where nutrition, the microbiome, and the gut. as well as the immune function, interact to create a balanced gastrointestinal tract. The antinutritional factors of phytate, including the inhibition of pepsin action that reduces protein breakdown, as well the extra HCL and pepsin that causes an acidic environment in the gut, are countered by Axtra PHY GOLD, as it breaks the phytate down. When phytate reaches the small intestine, it reduces the sodium levels in the gut cells, which compromises the sodium pump activity, reducing the absorption of nutrients. Not only is gut health compromised, but also animal performance.  With Axtra PHY GOLD included in the diet, phytate does not reach the small intestine, as it is broken down and these negative effects are not noticed.

Formulation flexibility

Processing feed into pellets is known to benefit both animal performance and feed efficiency. But not all enzymes are heat stable, which means they are rendered inactive by the pelleting process. Axtra PHY GOLD was developed with a unique protective coating that provides excellent heat stability. The market-leading thermostability properties of Axtra PHY GOLD are just one more benefit that gives you the ‘gold advantage’ when using Axtra® PHY GOLD.

Sustainable benefits

The commercial practice of using significant amounts of highly digestible inorganic phosphate to supplement the diets of monogastric animals is increasingly being questioned on environmental grounds; both in terms of pollution from animal faeces and the depletion of finite resources. Yet, phosphorus is known to play a key role in animal growth and bone development, making it is an important dietary nutrient. Axtra PHY GOLD is a compelling solution. Its superior bio-efficacy means that it is possible to eliminate inorganic phosphate from diets high in phytate and still maintain animal performance with normal growth.

As the most bio-efficacious feed phytase on the market, Axtra PHY GOLD delivers exceptional results on every. By including Axtra® PHY GOLD in the feed you will, for sure, have the ‘golden advantage’.

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