Egg quality analysis

Chemuniqué is well-known for service quality and has thus further invested in providing an off-farm egg quality analysis services to assist our customers in evaluating the quality of their layer and breeder farming operations.

In the layer industry, egg quality plays an important role in terms of consumer satisfaction. A number of consumer challenges, including cracked eggshells and egg freshness in terms of shelf life, can now be put to the test.

In the breeder industry, egg quality plays a role in the quality of the chick produced. Shell breaking strength can influence hatchability and internal egg quality can now be looked at more closely to determine how it affects chick quality.

Our goal is to create a benchmark for your layers and breeders using state-of-the-art egg quality equipment that measures individual external and internal parameters of egg quality relating to laying performance, as well as evaluate how nutrition can influence these egg quality parameters. For breeders, the goal goes even further – to correlate these egg quality parameters to fertility and hatchability data. This will allow us to provide better support to our customers … improving egg quality, together, one step at a time.

SOP and Egg quality analysis form

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