Feed enzyme analysis

Chemuniqué takes great pride in our enzyme products and, therefore, we are extremely happy to provide a service that allows customers to test the levels of our enzymes at any stage in the animal feed production cycle from mash through to post-pelleting.

Ensuring that the correct level of enzyme is present at the correct stage in your production system is vital to ensure that you are achieving your production goals.

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No two phytase enzymes are created equal

It has been well established that nutrient digestibility, animal performance and the bone ash content of broilers are improved with ...

Enzymes, energy, and amino acids

Carbohydrase and protease enzymes are being used more widely in poultry diets, even in maize–soy-based diets which are considered low ...

Making the most of phytase

Chemuniqué’s enzyme partner, DuPont Animal Nutrition, recently released a new white paper on the effective use of phytase matrix values ...

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Technical specialist: Poultry

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