Enzymes, energy, and amino acids

chick with feed

Carbohydrase and protease enzymes are being used more widely in poultry diets, even in maize–soy-based diets which are considered low in soluble non-starch polysaccharides (NSP), as well as having a high protein digestibility. There are many possible mechanisms of action of carbohydrase in poultry diets, especially in terms of energy and amino acid digestibility.

Increments of energy and amino acid digestibility due to the use of exogenous carbohydrases and protease have the potential to reduce feed cost and contribute to reductions on the environmental footprint of poultry production systems.

To see the effect of an exogenous bacterial serine protease in combination with a xylanase and an amylase versus xylanase and amylase only in broilers fed either a maize–soybean meal, or a maize– soybean meal–DDGS-based diet, in terms of apparent ileal digestible energy, apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids, total tract apparent retention of nitrogen, and nitrogen-corrected AME (AMEn), click on the link below.

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