How Zinpro is different … and better

by Dr Chris Reinhardt If we could get trace minerals into the animal’s cells at ...

How Zinpro is different … and better

by Dr Chris Reinhardt If we could get trace minerals into the animal’s cells at ...

Enhancing quality of life: An integral role of trace minerals in joint health

Providing the animal nutrition industry with exceptional trace mineral technologies for more than 50 years ...

A more sustainable future for all

Zinpro’s 2022 Sustainability Report demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and its progress in creating a more ...

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Our trusted partners

Our product portfolio of research-based, proven products delivers measurable economic benefits. This enables us to partner with our customers to be best-in-class in the livestock and feed industry. To achieve this, we work with the leading, scientifically innovative, international organisations to deliver high-quality, results-driven products and solutions, empowering us with a global reach.


Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health

Danisco Animal Nutrition and Health, a business unit of IFF‘s Health & Biosciences division, pride themselves on helping livestock producers resolve the nutritional and health puzzles at the heart of antibiotic-free and sustainable production. The company has made significant investments in building its animal health portfolio for poultry, swine, and ruminant markets. Its extensive research and development programme is focused on providing evidence-based validation – through laboratory research, field trials, and practice – to support the efficacy and value proposition of every product solution. Their product portfolio includes providing innovative enzymes for animal feed and gut health solutions such as direct-fed probiotics.

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Together, Let’s Prove the Power of Partnership

For more than 50 years, Zinpro has improved the health and well-being of both animals and people as a pioneer in the research and development of performance trace minerals and innovative solutions. Backed by extensive research and industry-leading practices and solutions, they help customers sustainably achieve their best, providing greater nutrition and well-being across the globe. They’re addressing the bigger picture, with comprehensive solutions, tools and resources that drive greater performance and business success because they know that when we help animals and people experience better health and well-being, we create a healthier, more productive, and sustainable world for all.

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We lead the Sustainable Future of BIO by possessing the world’s very best technology and competitiveness

CJ Bio, a business unit of CJ CheilJedang, is the world’s leading supplier of fermented nutritional products, with a range of essential amino acids that support animal health available in South Africa. With more than 60 years’ history since the first production of savoury flavour enhancement, CJ Bio has used knowledge of fermentation technology to grow their business for the benefit of customers and consumers around the globe. Now effectively using this knowledge of specialised microbial resources, CJ Bio advances proprietary fermentation technology to produce amino acids for feed and food, among other innovations.

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Arm & Hammer™

#ScienceHearted solutions for a more secure food system

Arm & Hammer are nutritional innovators, microbial pioneers, and food-safety game changers, dedicating their careers to becoming a positive force for you, your animals, and the world. Their mission is to help provide safe and affordable food everywhere.

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Feeding success – Together

Our goal at Vilofoss is to be your partner when it comes to innovative solutions for animal feed. We offer vitamin- and mineral compounds and premixes, as well as a wide range of supplementary products, milk replacers for calves and pigs, veterinary products, welfare products, products for disinfection, and other unique troubleshooters. We also have our Leading Products line, which is your guarantee as a farmer or distributor that you will always get the same high-quality product.

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Science for life

Alongside our customers, we co-innovate to create more efficient processes and use of resources that result in improved animal health, welfare, and productivity.

At Alura, we offer integrated solutions to improve and protect the quality of your products. Our portfolio supports every stage of animal protein production.

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