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Technological feed additive


X-Zelit makes it simple to effectively prevent both clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia in dairy cows

X-Zelit is a novel calcium and phosphorus binder that naturally stimulates the cow to mobilize her own calcium reserves for effective milk fever prevention. This mode of action is much easier to effectively incorporate into transition cow management compared to a DCAD approach, which relies on an acidified diet with lower palatability to achieve prevention with a lesser success.

X-Zelit stimulates optimal calcium balance around calving

X-Zelit has been proven through numerous university trials, field tests, and producer experience reports to effectively and easily prevent bovine milk fever and reduce health issues in fresh dairy cows.


Straightforward Dry Cow Management

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. X-Zelit is supplemented to the dry-cow diet 2 to 3 weeks prior to calving.
  2. X-Zelit decreases the absorption of calcium and the cow’s own defence mechanism for low blood calcium is activated.
  3. High blood calcium improves health and fertility, and increases milk production.

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Our goal at Vilofoss is to be your partner when it comes to innovative solutions for animal feed. We offer vitamin and mineral compounds and premixes, as well as a wide range of supplementary products, milk replacers for calves and pigs, veterinary products, welfare products, products for disinfection, and other unique troubleshooters. 

Besides our top-quality products, we also employ some of the best experts when it comes to animal production. We combine global knowledge with local expertise, and we want to help you, our customers and partners, by sharing knowledge and creating the products that you need. 

At Vilofoss, we will support you and your work, so that together we can keep feeding the world in an innovative and sustainable way.

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