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How Zinpro is different … and better

by Dr Chris Reinhardt If we could get trace minerals into the animal’s cells at a greater rate than by...

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Exploring South Africa’s agricultural divide: A Country of Two Agricultures

Wandile Sihlobo, chief economist of the Agricultural Business Chamber of South Africa (Agbiz) and author of Finding Common Ground: Land,...


Solutions to supporting the long-life layer

It is well known that avian influenza (AI) has been particularly concerning this year, affecting many poultry producers from laying...

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Chemuniqué celebrates 25 years of innovation and dedication

Chemuniqué, a prominent role player in the livestock feed industry, celebrated its 25th birthday on Wednesday, 1 November, as industry...

Beef & sheep Ruminant

Boost immunity before sending your animals to ‘kindergarten’ (the feedlot)

Feedlot receiver animals go through a period of significant stress when being shipped and then divided into new pens with...

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Masterclass feedback

“What a privilege attending the Master Class in Broiler and Layer Feed Production, led by esteemed experts Dr Rick Kleyn...


Probiotics 101: The benefits of a multi-strain solution

A probiotic or direct-fed microbial (DFM) can be defined as a live organism that has beneficial health effects to the...


Probiotics and antibiotic resistance

There is an increased demand for the reduction or elimination of routine antibiotic use in poultry production, due to overuse...


Enviva® PRO: The multi-strain probiotic solution

Enviva® PRO is a three-strain Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, which have been selected for optimal production in South African poultry flocks. These...

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Nurturing future leaders: Chemuniqué’s young talent presents at the 2023 PSA Annual Meeting

Chemuniqué is excited about the outstanding contributions made by our latest young talent, André Schoeman and Gerhard Claassen, who delivered...

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Chemuniqué innovation manager Kyle Venter tackles phosphate dependency in poultry diets

Chemuniqué is proud of innovation manager, Kyle Venter, who recently presented on phosphate dependency in poultry diets at the prestigious...

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Team SA winners at the 2023 World Sheep Shearing Championships

The Protea team from South Africa recently participated in the Golden Shears 2023 World Sheep Shearing Championships – the ‘Olympics’...

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