Chemuniqué celebrates 25 years of innovation and dedication

Chemuniqué celebrates its 25th anniversaryl

Chemuniqué, a prominent role player in the livestock feed industry, celebrated its 25th birthday on Wednesday, 1 November, as industry partners gathered to commemorate a quarter-of-a-century of innovation and success. The company’s managing director, Terry Wiggill, took the opportunity to reflect on the past and lay out a vision for the future.

Founded in 1998, Chemuniqué has made strides in the livestock feed industry contributing to South Africa’s food production and nutritional advancements. In his address, Wiggill thanked the dedicated team who have played a pivotal role in company’s journey.

“Chemuniqué was founded with a vision of delivering new nutritional technologies that could improve efficiencies and reduce the cost of locally produced animal protein. Today we are even more passionate about farming and efficient food production, and our team remains driven to deliver new and exciting innovations that support safe, sustainable and cost-effective solutions in animal production.”

Terry Wiggill

He also acknowledged the long-standing partnerships with leading organisations in the global animal nutrition industry. “Over the years, Chemuniqué has grown significantly in its customer-service offerings through partnerships with leading, scientifically innovative, international organisations, including Zinpro, IFF, CJ Bio, Vilofoss, Arm & Hammer, and Alura. Together with these partners, we have made it our mission to positively contribute to the animal feed industry. Our product portfolio of research-based, proven products delivers measurable economic benefits, and this enables us to partner with our customers to be best-in-class in the livestock and feed industry.”

As Chemuniqué celebrates its 25th anniversary, Wiggill emphasises the importance of looking forward. He identified three significant industry trends that will shape the future: ongoing improvements in technologies will demand that the industry is able to measure smaller and smaller incremental improvements in efficiency, settling the ongoing uncertainties around land ownership and security of tenure, and the need to communicate the value of animal products to the consumer. These challenges, he noted, are not isolated, and collaboration within the industry is imperative to ensure its long-term sustainability.

“In our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions, the next decade will surely bring its fair share of challenges. But together, I’m confident we can overcome them and keep leading the way in the animal production industry”.

Terry Wiggill
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