Epithelial integrity promotes poultry food safety

A strong epithelial barrier provides the first line of defense for preventing foodborne illnesses. The epithelial tissue layer consists of a solid wall of cells attached to each other by tight junctions, covering the body on the outside and the inside of tubular organs. When epithelial integrity is weakened, it allows potentially toxic bacteria into the bloodstream, internal organs and, ultimately, into the surrounding muscles of the bird. As a poultry producer, it is essential to maintain a strong epithelial barrier to prevent bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus spp., Campylobacter spp., and others from getting into the bloodstream.

Trace minerals like zinc and manganese are critical to the production and maintenance of epithelial tissues, as well as for producing an adequate immune response when the bird is exposed to environmental challenges. A recent summary of 30 studies showed an above 30% improvement in epithelial integrity in poultry when supplemented with zinc, manganese, or a combination of both from Performance Minerals®.

Read more about improving epithelial integrity in poultry in this four-part series produced by our partners at Zinpro, the leader in trace mineral nutrition.

  1. Strengthen Epithelial Tissue Function in Poultry Production with Performance Trace Mineral Supplements, by Dr Paco Fernandez Lopez-Brea.
  2. Improve Immunomodulation to Reduce Chronic Inflammation and Protect the Poultry Immune System, by Dr Alvaro Burin.
  3. Improve Epithelial Tissue Function to Inhibit Bacterial Chondronecrosis and Osteomyelitis in Poultry Production, by Dr Marco Rebollo.
  4. How to Maintain Proper Epithelial Tissue Function to Ensure Poultry Food Safety, by Dr Marco Rebollo.

When it comes to ensuring the best animal nutrition, not all trace minerals are created equal. Zinpro Performance Minerals are the only trace minerals to utilise a unique pathway for superior trace mineral absorption. 

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