Making the most of phytase


Chemuniqué’s enzyme partner, DuPont Animal Nutrition, recently released a new white paper on the effective use of phytase matrix values in feed formulations and the significant positive impact it has on improving performance, reducing feed costs, and boosting production efficiencies.

They examine the latest research to further explore the use of full matrix values with a focus on calcium and phosphorus ratios in the presence of phytase and make some recommendations for realising the optimal nutritional balance. Realising the full advantage of phytase requires a comprehensive understanding of the most effective calcium and phosphorous ratios required to achieve optimal animal performance. In order to do this DuPont carried out a study to determine the effect of increasing calcium matrix values on phosphorous digestibility and performance in broilers.

As a result of this research, DuPont is investing in further research to generate species, age, and limestone source data that can be used by nutritionists to take full advantage of using phytase enzymes.

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