Axtra® PHY GOLD 30T

Reg. Number: V32629

The best just got better!

Axtra® PHY GOLD is the most bioefficacious phytase enzyme currently available on the market. Its superior pH profile means it works faster than any other phytase to break down phytate, which would otherwise interfere with digestion and performance.

With its advanced mode of action, Axtra® PHY GOLD optimises phosphorous uptake, reduces the anti-nutritional effects of phytate, and delivers greater feed costs savings.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduces the anti-nutritional effects of phytate by breaking it down as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Increased availability and uptake of nutrients including phosphorous, calcium, energy, and amino acids improves animal growth and development.
  • Drives the science towards inorganic phosphate-free diets without compromising animal performance.
  • Improves sustainability by reducing pollution from unabsorbed nutrients in animal faeces.
  • Delivers market-leading thermostability, outperforming other commercial phytases under a wide range of pelleting conditions.
  • Provides accurate and effective phytase dosing.

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