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Unique solutions to ‘profit, performance and planet’ animal production challenges

For several decades, we’ve helped animal producers resolve “profit, performance and planet” challenges and maximize the return on their feed investment through the delivery of optimized feed enzyme, betaine and probiotic technologies.

Our uniqueness centres on our ability to deliver value-driven healthy nutrition based on combining these technologies.

Our ability to shape a profitable future for animal producers is underpinned by the quality and quantity of our worldwide trials, our unparalleled investment in inoovative technologies and our collaboration with leading international indusuy, government and academic partners. We are also part of DuPont (www.dupont.com), which has become one of the most innovative and admired biotechnology companies in the world*.

Global research; local application

Thinking globally but acting locally has never been more important in the animal feed industry. Having joined forces with DuPont, our reach has become truly worldwide with access to innovation and research centres at 0ver 150 locations as well as 19 operations sites, 10 of which manufacture animal nutrition products. Our focus is resolutely on collaborating locally as well as globally so that our technologies deliver the best possible levels of customer value against cultural, governmental and emvironmental variables.

Profit, performance & planet challenges

The challenge of feeding the world in a sustainable way dates back to the 1960s, when population growth started to escalate, more than doubling by the turn of the century.

Increasing the efficiency by which animals convert feed into protein and shortening the cycle time of production has become increasingly important. Traditional feed costs, already high at around 70% of total production budgets, have escalated in line with a growing demand for meat, fish, egg and dairy products.

We also help animal producers comply with environmental regulations and thereby control waste management costs, ensuring their commercial sustainability.

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