Stenelle van Marle takes up the Chemuniqué amino acid portfolio

Lanseria, South Africa – It is with mixed emotions that we announce Heinrich Jansen van Vuuren’s resignation from his position at Chemuniqué. After many years of dedicated service to the company, Heinrich has decided to pursue new adventures across the oceans.

Throughout his tenure with the company, Heinrich has successfully maintained our reputation as a leading supplier of amino acids. His input and dedication have been invaluable and will be missed. We wish Heinrich all the best in his future endeavours and thank him for his contributions to our company.

In the wake of Heinrich’s departure, we are pleased to announce that Stenelle van Marle will be taking over all activities related to the Chemuniqué amino acid portfolio. Stenelle is well known in the livestock production industry and has a deep understanding of our business and our customers’ needs. We are confident that she will continue to uphold the high standards of quality and service that our customers have come to expect.

Please join us in wishing Heinrich all the best and welcoming Stenelle to her new role in taking over the Chemuniqué amino acid portfolio.

2 thoughts on “Stenelle van Marle takes up the Chemuniqué amino acid portfolio

  1. Jerry says:

    Congrats Stenelle and all the best with this significant challenge you have taken up!
    Heinrich wishing you and the family all the best in Ireland, and a fantastic new chapter in your lives.

  2. Sarla Moodley says:

    All the best & congratulations Stenelle in this new venture.
    Here’s to wishing Heinrich and the family all the best in Ireland.

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