Enviva® PRO 201 C

Reg. Number: V23200

The proven probiotic choice

A source of viable, naturally occurring Bacillus subtilis that:

  • improves economic returns;
  • supports natural gut balance; and
  • has positive effects on the production environment.

Reg. Number: V23200 Category:

The battle of the gut

Unpredictable pathogens are on the rise due to the reduction or elimination of antibiotics in poultry production. Daily exposure to pathogens such as Escherichia coli, Clostridium perfringens and Salmonella spp. can lead to poor flock performance and liveability. The energy that birds could direct toward growth must now be used to maintain health and overcome these challenges.

A healthy and mature gut can help keep these pathogens from wreaking havoc on a bird’s health and performance.

Today’s accelerated live production schedule leaves little time for microbiota development, increasing the risk of reductions in body weight gain and rising feed conversion and mortality rates. Natural mechanisms to fortify the gut exist and have powerful results and that is why finding the right weapon to help birds win the battle of the gut is crucial.

Product variation

201 C



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