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Syncra® SWI 201

Registration number: V29463 Act 36/1947

Syncra® SWI is a highly effective feed additive with an agile enzyme-producing capacity that adapts to many different feed ingredients.

This powerful protease and probiotic combination significantly improves energy and amino acid digestibility, as well as liveability and gut health in grower and finisher pigs, regardless of any variations in feed substrate levels.

Key benefits:

  • Delivers a consistent performance across substrates by adapting its enzyme production profile to the available substrate and acting as an enzyme delivery system, which allows unstable enzymes to safely reach the pig’s small intestine.
  • Maximizes feed efficiency by releasing proteins and amino acids out of the complex fibre matrix typically found in animal feed, resulting in greater uptake of valuable nutrients, improved performance, and increased profitability.
  • Enhances gut health by improving the gut barrier and regulating the immune response, a mechanism that helps to reduce gut damage and create a stronger defence against non-beneficial bacteria.
  • Shown to improve the feed conversion ratio (FCR) in 75% of pig trials by more than 3% compared to control groups, delivering significant cost savings.
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SWI 201


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