Developmental planning and profitability

planning and profitability

“This year, I am 75 c/ℓ behind where I was last year, input costs are up 23 c/ℓ, and my milk price is down 52 c/ℓ compared to this time last year. So, what is it you wanted to talk about?”, to quote farmers from all over the country. It’s at times like these that…

Optimising reproduction for lifetime performance

Beef cow and calf

Improving the lifetime performance of a beef herd will greatly impact the success and profitability of your farming enterprise. Beef farmers need a cow that delivers a live calf without difficulty, maintains her body weight and condition, comes in to heat promptly, conceives early in the breeding season, nourishes a developing foetus, and adequately nurses…

Happy, healthy, profitable cows

profitability compass

“Nothing is more effective at dropping feed intake than feeling sick.” – Prof. Lance Baumguard at the 2019 Ruminant Gut Health Conference. Defining the problem Farmer: “Alex, I have a fertility problem. Can you help?”Alex: “Sure, can you define the fertility problem?”Farmer: “Not really, they just aren’t where I feel they should be.” This is…

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