Managing for optimum milk quality

milk quality

Your ultimate mission as a dairy producer is producing the best possible quality milk, regardless of your volume goals. Milk quality is greatly affected by somatic cell count (SCC) and the presence of contaminants such as aflatoxins. The following article produced by our partners at Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, entitled: “Manage somatic cell count…

Do you know the risk of mycotoxin exposure in pet food diets?

pets eating

Mycotoxin contamination is a well-known problem in production animal diets, but what is the risk of mycotoxin exposure in pet food diets? An article entitled: “Risk assessment of the exposure to mycotoxins in dogs and cats through the consumption of commercial dry food” was recently published in Science of The Total Environment by Maćias-Montes et…

Mycotoxin contamination: The socio-economic impact

the socio-economic impact of mycotoxin contamination

The impact that mycotoxin contamination has on the nutritional status of both animals and humans, as well as the economic threat it poses, has been clearly defined and quantified. However, the socio-economic impact that these mycotoxins have is a far more complex issue. The levels of mycotoxin contamination and their overall effect can be compounded…

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