Trace mineral research shows benefits for gestating cows

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A research study at Oregon State University shows that supplementing gestating beef cows diets with the performance trace minerals contained in Availa®4 can significantly enhance calf weaning weights while decreasing the prevalence of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) during the feedlot growing phase.

Trace Mineral and Cow Gestation Research Overview

Zinpro Corporation partnered with Oregon State University to conduct a study that included 84 crossbred (Angus X Hereford) cows in the final trimester (last 94 days) of gestation. Cows were weighed, scored for body condition and evenly separated into 21 dry lot pens. The cows were all fed a forage-based diet formulated to meet requirements for energy, protein, macro minerals, selenium, iodine and vitamins. Pens were assigned to one of three trace mineral treatments:
  • Control: no supplemental zinc, manganese, copper or cobalt added to the diet
  • Inorganic: diet supplemented with zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt from sulfates
  • Zinpro Performance Minerals® (ZPM): diet supplemented with 7 grams per head per day of zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt from Availa-4. Note: The same amount of trace minerals was added to feed in the inorganic and ZPM treatments (360 mg Zn, 200 mg Mn, 125 mg Cu and 12.5 mg Co); only the source of trace mineral differed between treatments.
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