The most expensive mineral is the one that does not work

The feedlot producer’s main interest is to grow cattle efficiently, slaughter them and generate a profit. Feeding trace minerals to keep cattle in good shape with a shiny coat won’t cut it. Let’s consider the real need for trace mineral supplementation.


Up to 70% of all cattle are slaughtered for nonperformance and up to 16% of health problems recorded in the feedlot are due to lameness issues. The ADG of lame beef cattle is reduced by 5,5%. Solution: Zinc is required for synthesis of structural proteins in the hoof wall tissue, maintains cell integrity, repairs epithelial tissue and has been proven to maintain hoof health. Availa-Zn® significantly (p<0,06) decreases the incidence of foot problems and increases ADG.

Poor growth rate

Meat deposition requires a large amount of nutrients of which zinc is crucial to maintain a satisfactory growth rate. Zinc requirements further increase when a beta agonist is fed in the final ration. Solution: A summary of 22 scientifically conducted feedlot trials (6 000 head of cattle fed Availa -Zn®) proved a highly significant consistent, measurableresponse in both ADG of 3,26% and feed conversion of 4,05% (p<0,01). Feeding Availa -Zn® in addition to a beta agonist during the last 28 days of the feedingperiod results in a 19 kg additional final live weight and 14 kg hot carcass weight response (p<0,01).

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