Optimal performance for your stud animals

Optimal Performance for your stud animals

“For many producers, optimal ovulation and artificial insemination (AI) conception rates are key factors for successful breeding programs.”

As a purebred operation, your reputation and ultimate success is based upon the herd’s genetic potential and breeding performance. To achieve optimum performance, your trace mineral program should be given as much consideration as the reproductive traits you select.

Bull development depends on adequate intake of effective nutrients. Developing young bulls to reach puberty earlier minimises lost revenue and promotes bull turnover for faster genetic improvement. A properly balanced trace mineral program provides key ingredients for bull development and sexual maturity. Zinc, manganese and copper are essential; for hormone synthesis, libido and testicular development, as well as maximising growth to reach productive use. These trace minerals also support optimum semen quality and quantity at a younger age and maintain fertility throughout the bull’s reproductive life.

Heifers represent a large investment and a reproductive challenge in terms of achieving target size and maturity level. Proper heifer development provides heifers with a good reputation to deliver. Their reproductive success depends on improved pregnancy rates early in the breeding season. Heifers that calve early in the calving season and maintain shorter calving intervals ultimately lead to more efficient reproductive performance and greater lifetime profitability (longevity).

For many producers, optimal ovulation and artificial insemination (AI) conception rates are key factors for successful breeding programs. While weight and maturity are important, heifers and cows must also cycle normally.

Manganese is essential for heat cycles and response to synchronization programs. Improved pregnancy rates are also a benefit of correct manganese supplementation.

Zinc is critical for uterine involution and proper recovery after calving. It is also important for the development of viable eggs (ova).

An adequate balance of zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt positively influence ovulation, conception and pregnancy maintenance.

Zinpro Performance Minerals® have a solution which is Availa®4. Availa®4 provides highly available zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt, which improves trace mineral absorption.

Backed by extensive research, Availa®4 provides proven reproductive responses, while also delivering a strong return on investment. Ask for Zinpro Performance Minerals®, and improved herd performance and profitability are sure to follow. By C.K. Larson, Ph.D., Research Nutritionist, Zinpro Performance Minerals® and Jackie Tucker, Chemuniqué International

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