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“What a privilege attending the Master Class in Broiler and Layer Feed Production, led by esteemed experts Dr Rick Kleyn and Dr Steve Leeson.”

André Schoeman, technical research assistant at Chemuniqué

This three-day event comprised 16 comprehensive sessions, delving into several critical topics related to commercial poultry nutrition. The sessions highlighted prevalent industry concerns and emerging trends with direct economic implications. The programme also thoroughly explored the importance of feed additives, and other non-nutritional factors, such as feed form and pellet quality, complemented by detailed discussions on the nutritionist’s pivotal role and valuable contributions to feed formulation and processing. The event concluded with insightful discussions addressing upcoming sustainability challenges and potential areas for impactful contributions.

“As aspiring nutritionists, this was an outstanding opportunity to enhance our knowledge and practical skills in monogastric nutrition, fostering a deeper understanding and application for our future endeavours.”

André Schoeman
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