Nurturing future leaders: Chemuniqué’s young talent presents at the 2023 PSA Annual Meeting

Chemuniqué is excited about the outstanding contributions made by our latest young talent, André Schoeman and Gerhard Claassen, who delivered impactful presentations at the 2023 PSA Annual Meeting, which was themed, “Challenges in Supply Chain and Ingredient Quality”.

The PSA Annual Meeting remains a key platform for showcasing cutting-edge scientific research within the poultry science field, drawing experts from industry and academia, and providing invaluable opportunities for knowledge exchange among poultry scientists worldwide.

André’s presentation entitled: “Optimising phytase enzymes for broiler performance and economics”, delved into the efficacy of three commercial phytase enzymes, exploring their impact on broiler performance and production economics. The study evaluated the application of different phytase enzymes at varying doses, considering their effects on broiler performance, bone mineralisation, and feed costs. Notably, the strategic application of phytase enzymes at optimal doses demonstrated consistent positive effects on the economics of feed production. The findings underscore the economic benefits of precise phytase dosage selection and enzyme choice, providing valuable insights for broiler nutritionists and producers.

Gerhard’s presentation was entitled: “Enhancing calcium and phosphorus digestibility in broilers”. His research is focused on the critical role of calcium and phosphorus in broiler bone mineralisation, overall performance, and the often-overlooked significance of vitamin D in facilitating mineral absorption. The study evaluated the interactive effects of 1α-hydroxycholecalciferol and phytase on calcium and phosphorus absorption and results demonstrated that 1α-hydroxycholecalciferol, in combination with phytase, significantly enhanced mineral digestibility. This highlights the compound’s potential to improve bone health, live performance, and overall sustainability in animal diets, offering a promising approach to optimising mineral utilisation and production efficiency.

We take immense pride in the achievements of our young talent, André and Gerhard, who showcased exceptional dedication and expertise at the PSA Annual Meeting. Their research exemplifies Chemuniqué’s unwavering commitment to scientific credibility, innovation, and sustainability in animal nutrition, underscoring our mission to serve feed and food producers in securing food security.

Terry Wiggill, managing director at Chemuniqué
Gerhard Claassen also received the excellence award in the vitamins category for his presentation on Monday 10 July.

Chemuniqué remains steadfast in its support for emerging talent, contributing to advancements in animal nutrition research, and delivering innovative solutions to elevate the industry while upholding the highest scientific standards.

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