ESPN feedback: Days 2 and 3

The highlight of day 2 at the 23rd European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN) was the fantastic Dr Richard Ducatelle talking about feeding the microbiome. He proposed that, due to higher-yielding grains we are now using in animal feed, the starch content of the maize, soya bean, and wheat is increasing and, as a result, the crude fibre levels in these grains are decreasing. This may become problematic, as the microbes in the lower gut of monogastric animals are potentially deficient in substrate, specifically for the Lactobacteria who use the fibre, to produce volatile fatty acids, including butyrate.

Dr Sonja Liu presented on the importance of digestive dynamics in broiler chicken nutrition. She discussed the differences in the rate of digestion of nutrients in feed and how we need to balance the diet to ensure nutrients are available when they are needed. The afternoon concluded with a session exploring solutions to improve the nutritional value of feed.

Day 3 had a strong focus on protein sources that can be used as alternative to soy. Dr Mike Kidd kicked of the day with some great insights into using free amino acids in low crude protein diets as well as evaluating the potential use of algae as a protein source. The amount of innovation and research done on alternative protein sources is remarkable!

Our technical team attending ESPN 2023 ended the week on a high note with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration gained. We are excited to share our learnings and engage with customers who are interested in delving deeper into these fascinating topics. Whether you have questions about optimising microbiome health, balancing diets for optimal nutrient availability, or exploring alternative protein sources, our team is ready to provide valuable insights and solutions. We invite you to reach out to us for more information, discussions, and collaborations. Together, let’s advance the field of poultry nutrition and drive positive changes in the industry.

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