Chemuniqué innovation manager Kyle Venter tackles phosphate dependency in poultry diets

Chemuniqué is proud of innovation manager, Kyle Venter, who recently presented on phosphate dependency in poultry diets at the prestigious Informal Nutrition Symposium during the 2023 PSA Annual Meeting. The symposium, focused on “Challenges in supply chain and ingredient quality,” was held at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown in the USA from 10‒13 July.

Venter’s presentation, entitled “Managing macrominerals and microminerals to minimise the dependence on phosphate and inorganic minerals in broiler diets”, addressed the escalating costs associated with poultry feed formulation, particularly phosphate. He emphasised the need for innovative approaches to ensure optimal broiler performance and prevent skeletal developmental abnormalities. While completely eliminating phosphorus from diets for cost-cutting purposes is not viable, the economic and environmental implications of excessive phosphate use cannot be ignored.

Venter’s research focuses on exploring innovative strategies within the context of phytase, given the complex relationship between phosphorus and other minerals. Excessive dietary calcium levels, for instance, negatively impact phosphorus digestibility, leading to reduced availability for absorption. Venter proposes the implementation of a digestible calcium (dCa) and digestible phosphorus (dP) system, considering limestone quality, as a solution to decrease reliance on rock phosphate and manage phosphate dependency.

Furthermore, Venter suggests incorporating organic trace minerals into broiler diets as a promising strategy to reduce chelation and phytic acid dependence on phosphate and inorganic minerals. Organic forms of trace minerals, including those absorbed via the amino acid pathway, have shown efficacy in mitigating phytate chelation in broiler diets, thereby minimising interactions between phytate and minerals. This novel approach enhances the availability and utilisation of both organic minerals and phosphorus, leading to improved nutrient utilisation, reduced costs, and increased sustainability in broiler production.

We are extremely proud of Kyle’s accomplishments and his invitation to present at the Informal Nutrition Symposium. His innovative research and proposed strategies have the potential to revolutionise broiler diets, addressing economic and environmental challenges associated with phosphate dependency in poultry diets.

Dr Peter Plumstead, innovation director at Chemuniqué

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2 thoughts on “Chemuniqué innovation manager Kyle Venter tackles phosphate dependency in poultry diets

  1. Terry Wiggill says:

    Congratulations Kyle. We are all extremely proud of your exceptional achievements and your dedication toward improving broiler production performance. It all fits in so well with our company purpose:
    Chemuniqué exists to SERVE FEED AND FOOD PRODUCERS, to improve their sustainability and efficiency in CONTRIBUTING TO FOOD SECURITY
    for the people of our region.
    Thank you.

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