Chemuniqué enzyme laboratory excels in large scale global enzyme analysis ring-test

The Chemuniqué enzyme laboratory recently took part in a global ring test conducted by Du Pont with nine of the leading global enzyme laboratories. The Annual Ring Test is used to assess the alignment between DuPont laboratories and External Contract laboratories for the Phytase and Xylanase determination methods.

The Phytase and Xylanase activity is tested in liquid and granulated enzyme products as well as in-feed at various concentrations. Samples are analyzed over multiple days and by various analysts at the laboratories.

The results of the phytase activity analysis in enzyme products, as well as in-feed, showed that the Chemuniqué enzyme laboratory was within 5% of the reference laboratory, very close to the expected activities, with a very low coefficient of variation (CV) on the analysis on products and a lower CV compared to the reference laboratory on in-feed analysis.

On the Xylanase determination, the Chemuniqué enzyme laboratory results were again within 5% of the reference laboratory for enzyme product as well as in-feed analysis but with substantially lower CV’s compared to all the other laboratories that took part in the ring-test.

Well done to Ashona Burath, laboratory manager at Chemuniqué for the excellent results achieved!

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