Agrivision: DuPont calls for sustainable local solutions

Agrivision June2013

As the AgriVision 2013 Conference comes to a close today, DuPont Pioneer President Paul E. Schicker spoke with food industry leaders about the urgent need for sustainable solutions to reduce world hunger.

Agrivision June2013 2 “The agriculture, food and nutrition chain is incredibly complex. As such, science needs to be localised in order to deliver efficient sustainable solutions to food production and food security,” said Schickler, “DuPont is committed to bringing market-driven science solutions that are economically, environmentally and culturally sustainable along the food value chain.”

Held in The Netherlands, DuPont was a sponsor of AgriVision 2013, which engages more than 400 leaders from the animal feed-to-food industry to discuss the challenges to feed 9 billion people in 2050.

“As we move into the coming decades, we need to continue to push overall productivity even higher and continue to challenge the entire food value chain to be more effective,” said Schickler. “It will take critical efforts along the food value chain to ensure people everywhere have enough nutritious food to eat.”

To what extent food is available in the world, can be monitored via the Global Food Security Index. This Index, sponsored by DuPont, ranks the availability, safety, affordability and quality of food in over 100 countries.  A country like Mali e.g., ranks number 95, whereas the Netherlands ranks number 5.


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