Reg. Number: V27419

CELMANAX™ soluble concentrated powder (SCP) is a formulated nutritional product that consists of an array of components that are beneficial to livestock production, including Refined Functional Carbohydrates™ (RFC™), β-glucans, manno-oligosaccharides (MOS) and D-mannose. CELMANAX™ is produced by combining the enzymatically refined yeast from Saccharomyces cerevisiae with the fermentation media on which it was cultured. Through enzymatic refinement of the yeast, an added benefit of greater functionality of the RFC™ can be achieved within the animal. Including CELMANAX™ in the diets of both ruminant and monogastric livestock will lead to enhanced productivity and performance.

Watch this video from our partners at Arm & Hammer, explaining the power of the yeast cell.

Some components of CELMANAX™, such as manno-oligosaccharides (MOS) and D-mannose have the ability to agglutinate some pathogenic strains of Escherichia coli and Salmonella spp. These videos demonstrate this advantage held by CELMANAX™. The green liquid being added at the start of the video clips is CELMANAX™. After a while, it is visible that some of the substrate starts to clump, this being the agglutination of the bacteria present in the petri dish.


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