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Wiaan Faber

Technical specialist: Ruminants

The success of the future lies in the passion of the team.

I think our biggest challenge is to not take our biggest opportunity.

I enjoy inspiring people, challenging the boundaries of excellence through science-based knowledge in order to create a better future for animals and humans alike. My passion is ruminants and improving the ruminant industry.

I have been around agriculture all my life – I am originally from the Northern Cape where my passion for the beef and sheep industries started. After completing my BSc(Agric) degree in animal science at the University of the Free State, I entered the ruminant industry where I have since worked with all ruminant species. I joined Chemuniqué as ruminant technical adviser in 2015, and I am currently focusing on the feedlot industry, as well as intensive and extensive beef and sheep operations.

I believe in optimising efficiency and productivity through management and nutrition-based solutions using a holistic team approach that will help us to identify the biggest business problems, which will improve the profitability and create more sustainable agricultural businesses.

BSc(Agric) Animal Science, University of the Free State (2004)