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Dr Mariaan Viljoen

Western Cape relationship manager

I am passionate about finding solutions, sharing information, and connecting people in order to increase animal production and save on costs.

I hold a PhD in monogastric digestive physiology and have been working in the agricultural sector for almost 20 years. I started my career as a lecturer at the Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute, lecturing on animal nutrition, poultry production, and aquaculture, and I spent 10 years lecturing here and writing various school textbooks on agricultural sciences for Oxford University Press. I joined the team at Abagold in Hermanus, where I was responsible for three grow-out abalone farms as the production manager, before moving to a privately-owned layer hen company as the poultry production manager.

I joined the Chemuniqué team in April 2019 as the Western Cape relationship manager and now I am living out my passion of finding solutions, sharing information, and connecting people.

PhD, University of Pretoria (2012)

MSc(Agric) Animal Science, Stellenbosch University (2003)

BSc(Agric) Animal Science and Animal Physiology, Stellenbosch University (2000)