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Margot Crous

Intern: Poultry

My purpose is to use my skills as an animal scientist to aid in feeding an ever-developing country on a sustainable basis while fighting the declining conditions of our planet. I have a duty to inspire people so that they are more educated about our industry and to strive towards producing broiler meat of a higher quality for South-Africa.

I was born and raised along with my two sisters in Pretoria. As a child, I grew up with horses where my love for agriculture originated. I matriculated from Waterkloof High School in 2014. After high school, I obtained my undergraduate BSc(Agric) degree in animal science from the University of Pretoria in the year 2019. Currently, I am doing my MSc in animal nutrition at the University of Pretoria. The aim of my postgraduate study is to focus on the holistic approach of improving meat quality and quantity by combating drip and cooking loss in a poultry context. I am currently working at Chemuniqué as a poultry intern where I coordinate egg analyses.

MSc(Agric) Animal Nutrition, University of Pretoria (in progress)

BSc(Agric) Animal Science, University of Pretoria (2019)