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Louma Mostert

Technical specialist: Poultry

I work to ensure that the right solution is made available to the customer at all times.

I started my career at a feed company as an intern when I started my master’s studies in animal nutrition in 2010. I was appointed as an operational nutritionist in 2011, responsible for poultry feed formulation as well as quality control at the feed mill. Thereafter, I joined a pharmaceutical company for 18 months, gaining experience in the veterinarian and pharmaceutical industries, before joining Chemuniqué at the end of 2015 as the research and technical services specialist for the poultry team. I am currently a technical poultry specialist, supporting the application of feed enzymes, and focusing on gut health additives as solutions.

MSc(Agric) Animal Science, University of Pretoria (2015)

BSc(Agric) Animal Science, University of Pretoria (2009)