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Kubekho Makalima

Intern: Poultry

My mission is to make a meaningful difference in agriculture that makes a difference in the nation; through innovation, creativity and the integration of scientific and ancient knowledge. I am passionate about animals, nature, and the minds of mankind. My philosophy is to never take anything nor anyone for granted.

My origin is rooted under a small mountain in a village of Mount Fletcher. I was raised between the village, the town of Maclear, and the mountainous farms of Mbizeni. I developed a strong passion for animals and nature at a young age, as well as a love for people. I have a creative and inquisitive nature, always looking forward to learning something new and the broadening my existing knowledge, often enhancing it with a creative and innovative element.

I completed a BSc(Agric) degree in animal science in 2020, following on a BSc degree in genetics in 2017, both at the University of Pretoria. I was also lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of the DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Plant Health Biotechnology (CPHB, previously the CTHB) in the Forestry and Biotechnology Institute (FABI) at the University of Pretoria in 2015.

I am currently employed as a poultry intern at Chemunique, while completing a master’s degree in animal nutrition. I am excited to be a part a passionate team, committed to enhancing animal production and making a significant difference.

BSc (Agric) Animal Science, University of Pretoria (2020)

BSc Genetics, University of Pretoria (2017)