Do you know the risk of mycotoxin exposure in pet food diets?

pets eating

Mycotoxin contamination is a well-known problem in production animal diets, but what is the risk of mycotoxin exposure in pet food diets? An article entitled: “Risk assessment of the exposure to mycotoxins in dogs and cats through the consumption of commercial dry food” was recently published in Science of The Total Environment by Maćias-Montes et…

Mycotoxins on pastures – a very real threat

dairy cattle on pasture

Throughout history, mycotoxins have generally only been studied on grains, both stored and on-field, in order to determine their negative impact on both humans and livestock. These studies were undertaken mainly because grains are the main ingredient in both animal and human diets, with mycotoxins having the ability to remain chemically stable throughout food and…

Mycotoxin contamination: The economic impact


Local opinions vary from sceptical to highly concerned regarding the threat that mycotoxin contamination poses as well as the negative impact it has on livestock production and food security. Due to the increasing incidence of mycotoxin contamination and the associated risks, it remains a priority in the international arena. It is important to understand the…

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