The benefits of chromium for ruminants

chromium for ruminants

The key to success in today’s ruminant industry is managing the effects of stress on animals. The goal is to minimise the cost of stress and help animals achieve optimal production. To achieve this, trace mineral nutrition is paramount. Keeping animals correctly fortified in terms of trace minerals will prevent the costliest deficiency – the…

Optimising immunity for lifetime performance

immunity for lifetime performance

One of the most important resources for a beef farmer is the animal’s immune system. An animal cannot be efficient or productive if its immune system is ineffective, but with a strong immune system, a herd can weather most proverbial storms. That’s why optimising immunity for lifetime performance is so important. Interactions between the immune…

Chromium: A window of opportunity

chromium a window of opportunity

Chromium is rapidly gaining momentum among nutritionists as a mineral that gets more interesting the more we understand about it. A relatively new arrival to the mineral scene, chromium has gained wide recognition for its effect on energy metabolism and its commensurate effect alleviating the disadvantages that stress places on our animals. Evidence of multiple…

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