Chemuniqué is proud to present at the 2022 PSA Annual Meeting

2022 PSA Annual Meeting

This year’s Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting is the first in-person meeting in two years and offers attendees exposure to the latest science and research within the poultry science field. The 2022 PSA Annual Meeting is being held in San Antonio, Texas from 11–14 July 2022. Presentation by Kyle Venter Make sure you don’t…

Intrinsic factors contribute to variation in the AMEn value of corn for broiler chickens

calf development connection

This week the Poultry Science Association (PSA) is hosting its first-ever Virtual Annual Meeting. The PSA is a professional organisation consisting of educators, scientists, extension specialists, industry researchers, administrators, producers, and college students who are committed to advancing the poultry industry. The aim of the annual meeting is to highlight and discuss field and research…

Poultry scientists in action at the PSA Annual Meeting

PSA Annual Meeting

At Chemuniqué, we are proud to use global knowledge, strengthened by local research and expertise, to produce feed for food for the future. Catch our team in action at this year’s Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting in Montréal, Canada. Both Dr Peter Plumstead and Micaela Sinclair-Black will present at the Symposium: Recent Advances in…

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