Sustainable, effective nutrition

Over the years, great strides have been made in the livestock industry, resulting in improvements in animal production. Five factors are considered crucial to lock in sustainable, effective nutrition. These factors should not be considered individually, but rather as interlinking components aimed at achieving a common goal; an improvement in overall production on the farm….

Selenium reduces oxidative stress and improves production

This article by Dr Christof Rapp, a lead researcher in swine nutrition at Zinpro Corporation, first appeared in the November 2019 issue of Essential Feed and explains how selenium reduces oxidative stress and improves production. Livestock and poultry, just like humans, naturally produce toxic substances and reactive oxygen species – small and highly reactive molecules…

Mycotoxin contamination: The economic impact


Local opinions vary from sceptical to highly concerned regarding the threat that mycotoxin contamination poses as well as the negative impact it has on livestock production and food security. Due to the increasing incidence of mycotoxin contamination and the associated risks, it remains a priority in the international arena. It is important to understand the…

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