X-Zelit is a novel calcium binder that makes optimal transitional dairy cow management easy

X-Zelit helps prevent both clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia, safeguarding the health of your fresh dairy cows at calving.

The Unique Mode of Action of X-Zelit

X-Zelit is simply added to the cow’s diet 2 weeks prior to calving

Works as a calcium binder in the feed, resulting in low calcium availability

The cow no longer absorbs calcium through her diet

Activates her hormone system, boosting blood calcium and strengthening her ability to access calcium from her own body’s reserves

At calving, X-Zelit is withdrawn, giving the cow access to calcium from both her diet and her body

Results in:

  • Stable blood levels
  • Less risk of milk fever
  • Better opportunity for future milk production and calving

DCAD is difficult…

X-Zelit is highly effective as a calcium binder without the hassle of a common DCAD diet.

DCAD X-Zelit
Requires special dietary changes
Requires low-potassium forage
Requires extra ration rebalancing
Requires urine pH testing
Is simply mixed into normal ration
Is started a minimum of 2 weeks prior to calving
Neutral taste, readily consumed in grain mix; reduces feed wastage
Unaffected by potassium; can continue dairy cows on late-cut clover grass or fresh pasture

Provides benefits beyond prevention of milk fever in cattle

Better blood calcium balance at calving
Improved fertility/reproduction
Increased milk yield
Better quality of colostrum
Higher feed intake
Fewer metabolic diseases
Increased rumination

Lower somatic cell count

Prevents calcium deficiency problems

Milk Fever
Ketosis in Cattle
Calving Difficulties
Retained Placenta
Displaced Abomasums
Metritis in Cattle

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