Have you seen our new mineral recommendations for sheep?

Current production expectations in sheep farming are changing the way we approach mineral nutrition. It is important to ensure that we keep up with the requirements of animals as production systems evolve.

Traditional mineral recommendations for sheep were based on delivering the minimal amount to prevent deficiencies. However, with today’s increased production expectations, these levels are outdated. The newest sheep mineral recommendations are based on scientific research aimed at ensuring optimal health and production in highly intensive systems.

Download our new mineral recommendations for sheep here, or contact your Chemuniqué consultant for more information.

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Anri Strauss is a scientific adviser in the ruminant team at Chemuniqué, holding a master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Pretoria. She grew up on a farm and still lives in the Free State, where she and her husband also farm with Boer goats.

One thought on “Have you seen our new mineral recommendations for sheep?

  1. Alex+Jenkins says:

    What an excellent piece of information Anri!
    Well done to you and your team for this knowledge upgrade.

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