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Intensive farming has led to a more complex and high producing animal, putting the animal under more stress and increasing the need for optimal nutritional and general management practices. Keeping up with the latest science and research, will broaden your knowledge and allow you to meet these requirements.

Organic trace elements are no longer luxuries, but assets (essential nutrients) to the high producing dairy cow/heifer, shifting this from a cost to a profit decision. Many farmers make cuts to the ration to save money. However, organic trace minerals should be scrutinised to make sure they improve the profitability of the dairy. Making a decision on which organic trace mineral to use, can be as simple as  making sure it meets the “5 R” criteria: Return, Response, Repeatability, Research and Reassurance.

The five Rs

Organic trace minerals must show a positive return on investment, beyond what normal or standard minerals can deliver. An economic (profit) analysis should be calculated from scientific research findings conducted on the specific product, by demonstrating an improved performance response in the target species. This may include reduced lameness and health problems such as mastitis as well as improved fertility and milk production.

The research should be repeated to show consistency of response, which increases confidence that it will perform in any situation with a good return. The significant use by leading companies, nutritionists and producers, means confidence and repeatedly yields positive animal performance benefits. Peerreviewed publication of the research is best when leading universities or independent research  institutions have conducted the research projects. All statistical analysis, materials and methods, and diet information should be divulged.

Experiments should not supplement deficient or marginally deficient animals to induce a response and commercially relevant production levels should be used (not poor performing animals to compare against). Organic trace mineral suppliers must provide reassurance that they take great strides to minimise risk of product variation and maximise safety and quality.

What is a performance mineral?

Zinpro Performance Minerals are more than just another class of minerals. To be a performance mineral, a product must meet numerous standards for product efficacy, quality, safety and economics, and it must be backed by a company that provides educational support, sound research and top-notch service.

Zinpro Performance Minerals and Chemuniqué make your livelihood our obsession and nobody understands your commitment to your business like we do. We are driven to match your dedication 24/7 and this is the reason why we stand behind the proven fact that, together, we help your dairy reach its full potential.

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