Amino acids report – September 2019

China’s agriculture ministry has stated that the danger from the fall armyworm pest is finally over for this year’s crop.
The damage inflicted by African swine fever on China’s pig industry may have been far worse than expected as official estimates show 1,2 million pigs have been culled since August 2018, but local livestock data signal a drop of as many as 100 million hogs over the period.
A city in southern China is selling pork at discounted prices to help consumers cope with high prices. People in Nanning, the capital of the south-western Guangxi region, can buy up to 1 kg of pork a day at a discount of more than 10% on the average market price.

Amino Acids Report – August 2019

Fall armyworm is continuing to spread across northern China, reaching several counties in Hebei province this month.
China has stated that it will not be blackmailed and warned of retaliation towards the United States (US) after President Trump vowed to slap a 10% tariff on USD 300 billion (ZAR 4,6 trillion) of Chinese imports from next month, worsening an already tense trade situation between the two countries.