Axtra® XAP 101 TPT

Reg. Number: V24771

The ultimate solution for flexible poultry diet formulation, this optimised combination of xylanase, amylase, and protease is specifically designed to improve the performance of modern diets.

Reg. Number: V24771 Category:

A unique, high performance enzyme combination to improve the performance of modern diets

Increased profitability

  • Radical reduction of net feed cost ~$9/ton through optimised nutrient availability, offering flexibility in feed formulation
  • Improved feed utilisation can save ~$80,000 – $100,000 per million birds produced

Innovative solutions

  • Established heritage of producing innovative, bio-efficient xylanase, amylase and protease combinations that deliver excellent return-on- investment (ROI)
  • Superior product characteristics – thermostable up to temperatures of 203°F/95°C, free flowing and dust free
Weight 25 kg

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Product variation

101 TPT

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