Syncra® SWI 201

Reg. Number: V29463

An adaptive protease and probiotic solution, Syncra® SWI delivers unique energy and amino acid digestibility for pigs, powered by the probiotic’s agile enzyme production working in harmony with the protease.

Syncra® SWI is a highly effective feed additive with an agile enzyme-producing capacity which adapts to different feed ingredients. This action significantly improves energy and amino acid digestibility, as well as gut health, in grower and finisher pigs.

Reg. Number: V29463 Category:

Proven energy and amino acid matrix values

Delivering exceptional consistency, Syncra® SWI has been shown to improve feed conversion ratios (FCR) in 75% of animal trials (its use improved FCR by more than 3% compared to the control groups).

These positive and reliable results are the basis of a robust amino acid and energy matrix which ultimately helps swine producers reduce costs.

Consistent performance across substrates thanks to its adaptation in the intestine

Its powerful protease/probiotic combination works in harmony to optimise energy and amino acid digestibility – regardless of any variations in feed substrate levels.

As a live and responsive organism, the multi-strain probiotic adapts its enzyme production profile to the available substrate in the pig’s small intestine, enabling the same additive to degrade substrate in many different feed ingredients and so powers the protease component.

By using the spore-forming Bacillus spp. probiotic, which are highly stable to heat and processing, Syncra® SWI also acts as an enzyme delivery system. It allows unstable enzymes, which would not normally survive pelleting or the stomach environment, to safely reach the pig’s small intestine where they are needed to break down substrate.

Enhanced gut health

Syncra® SWI supports the intestinal health of pigs by strengthening the gut barrier and stimulating short-chain fatty acid production in the hindgut.

Maximum feed efficiency for sustainable profitability

With Syncra® SWI, swine producers can be confident that livestock benefit from the full nutritional value of their feed – resulting in strong overall performance and profitable return.

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SWI 201


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