Syncra® AVI 101 C

Reg. Number: V29462

A unique, optimised enzyme/probiotic solution that can be used in diets with or without antibiotics. Syncra® AVI 101 C delivers new levels of cost and health performance benefits, including:

  • a 14% net improvement in relative cost per pound of liveweight gain for Clostridium perfringens-challenged birds;
  • a 3:1 return on investment, even for low-challenge birds, resulting from significantly improved digestibility and gut health support;
  • a combined mode of action that offers maximum efficacy; and
  • reduced logistics costs and ease of use within all production environments.

*according to feed costs as of November 2013.

Reg. Number: V29462 Category:

Active protection for your birds

The world of poultry production is changing and needs advanced feed strategies designed for modern manufacturing environments that aim to reduce or remove the use of antibiotics.

Syncra® AVI 101 C is a combined enzyme and probiotic solution designed to maximise nutrient digestion, gut health, and performance. Its unique formulation contains enzymes, which improve nutrient digestibility and flock uniformity, as well as probiotics formulated to actively protect against health challenges and accelerate immune development.

Product variation

AVI 201


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