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Syncra® AVI 101 C

Registration number: V29462 Act 36/1947

Syncra® AVI is a synergistic enzyme and probiotic combination designed to deliver measurable performance improvements.

The enzymes improve nutrient digestibility and flock uniformity, while the probiotics actively protect against health challenges. Syncra® AVI is formulated to meet the challenges of modern manufacturing environments, including widespread restrictions on the use of antibiotics.

Key benefits:

  • Improves nutrient digestibility by ensuring that less undigested substrate reaches the terminal ileum, where it could otherwise act as a food source for non-beneficial bacteria.
  • Modulates the microflora, creating a favourable environment for beneficial bacteria and maintaining diverse populations, even in times of challenge.
  • Reduces the energy cost of the immune response by improving nutrient digestibility, restoring the balance in the intestinal tract environment, and improving the ability of the bird to deal with challenges.
Product variation

AVI 201


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