Reg. Number: V26346

Methionine is an important methyl-group donor for most biological methylation reactions. Methionine plays a key role in maintaining protein function and overall redox status in the living. In addition, Methionine serves as a precursor for cysteine, glutathione and taurine, which are important cellular antioxidants (Brosnan and Brosnan, 2006).

The other functional role of methionine is the promotion of gut development, especially in rapidly growing young animals. Methionine can exist in either the L or D form, called enantiomers which are mirror images of each other. Chemically, there is no difference between the L and D forms, but enzymes are specific to the three-dimensional configurations. Only the L isomer is incorporated directly into naturally occurring proteins. L-Met 100 delivers the only bio-fermented commercial L isomer.

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