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Registration number: V26346 Act 36/1947

L-Methionine is an essential amino acid that is very important for animals. It is the first-limiting amino acid in poultry and aqua feed, and the second-limiting amino acid in swine feed.

L-Methionine not only serves as a constituent of skeletal muscle protein but also optimises the development of the digestive tract and growth performance. Physiological functions of L-methionine include an antioxidant effect, heat stress reduction, fatty liver inhibition, and liver detoxification. Furthermore, it has a function of optimising muscle mass, feather development, and maintaining egg production in animals.

BestAminoTM L-Methionine is the result of CJ BIO’s unmatched innovative competence developing large-scale fermentation-based L-Methionine production for the first time in history.



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The superiority of L-methionine

Many researchers have investigated the differences between L- and DL-methionine over the past several decades, ...