Betafin® Natural Betaine

Reg. Number: Betafin

Natural betaine solutions to support healthy benefits

Derived from non-genetically modified sugar beet, our natural betaine increases lean meat yield and reduces costs through the reduction of choline chloride and methionine in feed formulations. It also alleviates the negative effects of osmotic stress and helps maintain gut integrity, which in turn can positively impact animal performance.

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The natural way to maintain performance and reduce animal production costs

More profit

  • Maintain gut integrity during production stress
  • Improve productive performance
  • Increase carcass lean deposition

Lower feed costs

  • Spare some added methionine and choline as methyl donors
  • Reduce the dietary energy specification
  • Consistent quality provides confidence at the feed mill

What is natural betaine?

Betaine is a naturally occurring material found within the cells of many food sources, especially sugar beets. Betafin® by DuPont Animal Nutrition is our brand name for natural, high purity betaine.

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