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Registration number: Betafin Act 36/1947

Through its osmolyte and methyl donor functions, Betafin®  helps to maintain performance and reduce production costs.

Extracted from sustainable sugar beet molasses and vinasses (fermented molasses) using a patented process, Betafin® offers a dual action that reduces feed costs, provides more energy for growth, and increases profit. Exceptional results which offer greater net value in use than either synthetic anhydrous betaine or betaine-HCI products.

Key benefits:

  • Osmolyte that helps maintain gut integrity at times of production stress. From supporting coccidiostats, to protecting against dehydration and heat stress, Betafin® works to address key challenges and minimise their impact on gut structure.
  • Methyl donor that spares metabolic energy and/or methyl group donation, which enhances important performance parameters, such as bodyweight gain (BWG), milk production, liveability, and feed conversion ratio (FCR).
  • Reduces feed costs by replacing some added methionine and all choline chloride supplements, which reduces dietary energy specifications to consistently deliver valuable cost savings.
  • Betafin® has a 4x to 5x smaller carbon footprint than synthetic betaine (demonstrated through a lifecycle analysis).
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