Axtra® XB 201 TPT

Registration number: V24527 Act 36/1947

An enzyme combination for pigs and poultry, Axtra® XB mitigates the negative effects of selected non-starch polysaccharides found in the fibre of mixed grain diets. It supports the release of valuable nutrients, reduces digesta viscosity, lowers the production of excessive secretions into the gut, and improves litter quality as well as faecal consistency.

Axtra® XB overcomes the antinutritional effects of arabinoxylan and ß-glucan. It promotes consistent digestibility improvement, which enhances animal performance and boosts profitability.

Key benefits:

  • Flexible dosing. Variable inclusions are calculated according to feed ingredients and specific feed formulation for maximum value.
  • Higher digestibility consistently results in improved feed conversion ratio (FCR) and bodyweight gain (BWG) across all species.
  • Potential for added feed cost savings through flexible combination with our phytases.
  • Superior heat stability enables pelleting at temperatures of up to 90 °C (194 °F).
  • Liquid and dry product forms ensure safe, accurate, and easy handling and convenient application.
Product variation

201 TPT


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