Axtra® XB

Reg. Number: AxtraXB

The first enzyme combination for pigs and all poultry including game birds

Xylanase and beta-glucanase combination that improves digestibility of pig and poultry diets based on mixed grain.


Multi-species and flexibility

  • Flexible dosing – variable inclusion rate according to feed ingredients to maximise value
  • Registered in the EU for use in piglets, grower-finisher pigs, broilers, turkeys, layers, ducks and minor poultry species e.g. pheasants, partridge

Consistency and reliability

  • Xylanase and ß-glucanase enzyme combination for activity against dietary fibre in mixed grain diets, resulting in improved digestibility and increased profitability
  • Proven in trials to consistently improve FCR and daily weight gain across all species

Convenience in application

  • Easily used in combination with Danisco Animal Nutrition’s Phyzyme® XP phytase offering good opportunities for additional feed cost savings

Superior heat stability

  • Thermo protection technology (TPT) granule for superior thermostability in feed pelleted up to 90°C (194°F)
  • Range of liquid and dry product forms for ease of handling in the feed mill
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Product variation

201 L, 201 TPT


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