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Axtra® PRO 301 TPT

Registration number: V29221 Act 36/1947

Axtra® PRO contains a single-activity protease that helps to unlock the full benefits of dietary protein by boosting its digestibility and increasing the availability of amino acids, even when quality protein is used in feed formulations.

Active throughout the digestive tract, Axtra® PRO has a pH range adapted to monogastric animal physiology and wide substrate specificity, meaning it can cleave peptides at almost any position. This helps to supplement the animal’s endogenous proteases and ensure valuable amino acids are made available for muscle deposition and growth.

Key benefits:

  • Increases availability of amino acids for absorption, improving protein digestibility, feed conversion ratio (FCR), and bodyweight gain (BWG).
  • Maintains gut health by reducing levels of undigested protein reaching the hindgut, where it would otherwise act as a substrate for non-beneficial bacteria.
  • Improves environmental conditions by reducing ammonia emissions, increasing the welfare of both animals and farm workers.
  • Improves sustainability by reducing reliance on soybean as a source of protein.
  • Increases profitability by overcoming the low digestibility and variability of cheaper feed ingredients.
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301 TPT


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