Axtra® PRO 301 TPT

Reg. Number: V29221

Free the protein – Axtra® PRO contains a single-activity enzyme which overcomes the limitations of the animal’s endogenous proteases to enhance and improve protein digestion.

The key to releasing the full benefits of dietary protein in animal production is to boost its digestibility and increase the availability of amino acids – regardless of the protein source used in the feed formulation. This ensures digestible amino
acid requirements can be achieved with lower levels of crude protein, without compromising feed conversion and body weight gain.

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Value Added Services

We offer the highest level of technical and commercial expertise to support your use of Axtra® PRO including:

  • Analytical and testing facilities
  • On site applications support
  • Technical and business advice

Product Form and Application

Axtra® PRO is:

  • A Subtilisin protease ( with a broad specificity to peptide bond sites
  • TPT formulation: Thermostable up to 95°C; making it suitable for most feed manufacturing conditions
  • Appropriate for application alongside other feed enzymes
  • Free-flowing and dust-free for safe and accurate handling in the mill

Recommended usage rate: 0.05 kg tonne to provide 4000U/kg of feed.

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30 TPT