Zinpro celebrates 300th peer-reviewed publication

300th peer-reviewed publication, and counting

Our partners at Zinpro have just published their 300th peer-reviewed publication! This research evaluated the effects of amino acid-bound zinc, Availa® Zn, or zinc and manganese, Availa® Z/M, on chickens challenged with infectious bronchitis coronavirus (IBV), and was published in Avian Diseases. That’s 300 studies validating and providing scientific proof that Zinpro Performance Minerals® outperform inorganic and other organic sources of trace minerals in the animal production and pet food industries!

Zinpro’s peer-reviewed trace mineral research provides livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and pet feed producers with scientifically proven results, giving them confidence that Zinpro Performance Minerals are the best choice for improving animal performance and pet longevity. It also provides valuable insights into the true economic value of these products, and their effects on sustainability.

Read more here about the important differences between field trials and peer-reviewed research in an article by Dr Terry Ward, global director of strategy and sustainability at Zinpro, and read the full article on Zinpro’s 300th peer-reviewed publication as written by Dr Mike Socha, Zinpro’s associate director and product development leader, here.

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