The CJ Bio Monthly Bulletin: July 2020

In the latest issue of the CJ Bio Monthly Bulletin, Jason Lee from CJ Bio America presents the case for reevaluating the requirements of threonine, valine, arginine, and isoleucine in light of the increased genetic potential of modern broiler strains and the relative low-cost availability of pure, lower-order essential amino acids. He highlights key functions of each amino acid, and how modern nutritional concepts such as vegetable-based diets, alternative ingredients, and antibiotic-free diets have changed how diet formulations should be approached to ensure the optimal provision of the bird’s dietary needs.

CJ India’s Preety Mohanty focuses on isoleucine, the latest CJ amino acid introduced to the South African market by Chemuniqué. She gives a very concise account of isoleucine metabolism, dietary requirements, and key functions, of which it’s role in appetite control and glucose transportation are of particular interest.

CJ Bio headquarters contributes with an overview of the anticoccidial market, by Kyungmin Lee, and Dr Yang-Su Kim discusses the industrial use of bacteria in animal feed.

Heinrich Jansen van Vuuren holds a BSc in animal science from the University of Pretoria and is the team lead for amino acids, companion animals, and aquaculture at Chemuniqué.

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